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Tang Soo Do

Our core art is Tang Soo Do - a Korean martial art with roots into the Japanese arts. If you look at the main syllabus, you'll find that our forms list closely resembles that of a Shotokan or Wado Ryu school. Our founder, Hwang Kee, created and added some unique forms and over the years, other Masters have added more to the Korean flavour.

Although the principles of the movements are universal, the South Koreans are, by their very nature, a vibant people and this is reflected in their arts. We use more spinning and jumping kicks and incorporate the use of weapons from the early stages of training. 

In addition to our core art of Tang Soo Do, we also teach kickboxing, fitness and T'ai Chi. We provide personal training in all our arts and these one to one sessions also include grappling, boxing and BJJ instruction from our instructors qualified in those disciplines.

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